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Academy Futbol U-16 Boys Returns From Its European Tour With Good Results

August 17, 2007 (RELEASE) -- Foyle Cup July 21 to 28 2007; The ANB U-16 participated in the School Boys division which is considered the strongest and most important age group in the tournament. This tournament age group is ranked as the second best in the UK out of all tournaments in the UK.



ANB 5 - Derriaghy 1
Ireland Developmental Team 5 - ANB 0
NewMill Youth 4 - ANB 0
ANB 4 - Templeogue United 1
Counties United 1 - ANB 0
ANB 3 - Coleraine 0

Match Summaries:

·  3 wins and 3 losses with 12 goals for and 12 goals against
·  Finished 3rd in the Rosebowl division

Coaching Team Observations:

The coaching team identified the following from our European competition:

·  Play a very fast paced game -British teams still play a fast long ball system
·  Very physical playing environment
·  British Teams have considerable player size and strength advantage
·  Overall good technical abilities
·  Weather can play a strong role in result


The ANB was the youngest team in the Schoolboys Division and the team (with its present roster), can still compete in the same division in 2008 with better than 60% of the players on the roster still eligible to compete in the same division in 2009.

In the 6 games played, the team received one yellow card yet the overall technical abilities are as good as the competition and even better in specific positions. We need to work on the physical aspect of the game, specifically, speed of reaction.

The tournament provided great playing surfaces, was very well organized and the host town of Derry, NI was very hospitable as they welcomed tournament teams. We feel that this was a very good tournament experience with an average result for the ANB Academy.


France, Passion Foot Experience, July 29 to August 4th:

The ANB Team arrived to France exhausted and full of injuries after playing 6 difficult games in 5 days in Ireland plus the full day of travel. The team was hosted at the Yerville Regional Training Centre in the Normandy region.

The team played two games with a 5-4 win against Passion Foot and a 3-1 loss against the U16 Le Havre team. The team scored 6 goals and allowed 7.

Le Havre is considered among one of the best 3 clubs in France for youth player development. The game versus the U16 Le Havre Team featured 6 French starters on the U-16 French National Team.

The Day at Le Havre CENTRE DE FORMATION was the highlight of the trip.

Coaching Team Observations:

·  The French teams style of play is based on great technique with organized tactics and is fast paced
·  French teams play the ball on the ground
·  Very good passing abilities
·  French teams have a mix of big and small players
·  Good football weather
·  Great playing surfaces
·  Excellent experience with very good results for the ANB Academy

In addition the trip to France included much Cultural value with a visit to Mont Saint Michel, D Day Beaches Honfleur, Canadian World War 2 cemetery, Canadian War Museum, tour of Rouen on foot and the watching of a French professional game.


The ANB Team performed very well after a well deserved rest and overall the players adjusted well to the formation centre rules and regulations. The players were required to clean their rooms and make their beds daily as per the expectations and rules of the training facility.

The Le Havre Director of Youth Development, Mr. Francois, was impressed with the performances of the ANB players but specifically with Evan Kalantis, Alex James, Clayton Jung, Jason Mills and Damir Rosic.

Mr. Rodrigues has formerly invited the ANB Academy Director for a 2 week stay at their formation centre. There will be more exciting news to follow on this as the details of this prospective relationship are still being finalized.

“Overall, I am extremely pleased with the trip. It was a real test of character for the ANB players. Lots of lessons were learned and many doors are about to open as a result.” Bassam Naim, Academy Director.

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