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February 14, 2012 (RELEASE) -- The ANB Academy is pleased to announce that 15-year old ANB Academy player, Josh Mills has been offered the opportunity to showcase his talents in Normandy, France at the youth academy of the professional club SM Caen. ANB has established a strong association with the Ligue 1 club over the past 3 years and Josh represents another opportunity to solidify the relationship. Josh has been with the Academy since its inception in 2005 and has benefited from the strong technical training provided by ANB coaches along with being a naturally gifted athlete. Josh will be traveling to France in May, in conjunction with the U-13 ANB team participating in the "Challenge Jean Pingeon".

According to FIFA's latest regulations on the status and transfer of players, a minor is not allowed to sign for a foreign club before the age of 18.

Jackson Tooke has signed a National Letter of Intent to play soccer for the Division 1 school, Indiana Purdue at Fort Wayne, part of the Summit Conference, starting in August, 2012 . He began at ANB Academy in its first week of inception in 2005, and has been a strong member of various ANB teams, most recently the U-21 OSL Provincial team. In 2010, Jackson was offered a professional trial at Wolverhampton Wanderers and has been an integral part of the Academy for the past 6 years. Jackson is the third player in three years to be offered a soccer scholarship from IPFW.

Samantha Valliant has been offered and accepted a full athletic scholarship at Rutgers University in New Jersey, a Division 1 school playing in the Big East Conference . Samantha was trained by ANB coaches for two years before moving to various clubs in the GTA. She excelled at all levels, even being asked to participate in the U-17 Canadian National training camp in 2010. While playing on her club teams, Samantha still received training offered by the ANB "School of Soccer" programs geared towards the individual athlete.

"We are very excited to have this opportunity presented to these players and we wish them all the best in their soccer future. Having these players pursuing and reaching their soccer goals will help to inspire the younger players in the Academy to do the same," says ANB Academy Director Bassam Naim.

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ANB academy's vision is to become Canada's leading soccer development organization. Its mission is to identify Canadian soccer talent, and to maximize the potential of players at any level, through professional coaching and training.

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