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ANB Soccer Inc. Announces a working relationship with Rated Sports Recruit

November 24, 2006 (RELEASE) -- ANB Soccer, as the founding member of SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance Canada), is pleased to announce that a working relationship agreement has been finalized with Rated Sports Recruit Inc

Rated Sports Recruit Inc. is a leader in student athlete marketing. Its specialty is to showcase the best soccer talent Canada has to offer to the scouts of the top universities in the United States. Its scholarship assistance program includes video profile services, SAT preparations, database services and marketing student-athletes to colleges and universities.

All ANB student athletes who are interested in taking advantage of the Rated Sports Recruit Inc. services will receive an attractive discount upon registration.

ANB academy's vision is to become Canada’s leading soccer development organization. Its mission is to identify Canadian soccer talent, and to maximize the potential of players at any level, through professional coaching and training.

For more information on the programs offered by ANB academy, check out our website site at or by telephone at 905-313-8661 or via e-mail at

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