ANB Futbol Academy - Keeping The Game of Soccer Beautiful
anb keeping the game of soccer beautiful
ANB Futbol Overview ::

The ANB Academy Team program is designed to ensure that the young players have access to the highest standards of coaching year round (12 months) and to establish an elite development environment conducted by professional coaches on par with professional club academies in other parts of the world.

The players that take part of the team program will receive the highest level of training related to their respective age in order for them to be developed and to reach their maximal potential, consequently maximizing their soccer opportunities on the National and International levels.

U7 - U12 Teams to be trained a minimum of THREE TIMES per week year round.

U13 - U21 Teams to be trained a minimum of FOUR TIMES per week year round.

The ANB Teams Program is based on direct invitation and tryouts. Contact ANB Futbol if you wish to learn more about this opportunity.

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